Thursday, April 19, 2018

Walnuts for your Brain and Good Mood

Perhaps you have already noticed that a walnut looks like the human brain.

This looks like a coincidence, but some ancient wisdom sources suggest that it's much more than that. One of the biggest benefits of eating more walnuts is that it supports your most important organ - the brain. Walnuts have been scientifically proven to be a great food for the brain, and are better at this among all the other nuts.

Of course if our brain works faster and better, it also improves our mood, and we feel healthier, with more energy. This happens, thanks to the omega-3 fats the walnuts contain. Other remarkable things that omega-3 foods can do for us are that they are also known to improve our heart health, and fight heart disease by reducing the levels of triglyceride and the dangerous plaque formation in the arteries.

As we have mentioned many times in this blog - walnuts can be a great tool for weight management. According to some studies eating a few walnuts before meals decreases our perceived level of hunger. If you are interested to know more facts about that - check our previous blog posts on this topic, which include information about theory, experiments and other facts.

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